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Cool Tips to Enjoy the Perfect Poolside Staycation

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Everybody loves going on vacation. It offers a perfect chance to escape from hectic schedules, unwind, and de-stress. It also gives people the opportunity to take care of themselves or spend time with their families. But if you are on a budget or are unable to travel to your dream destination, a poolside staycation can be the perfect vacation for you. In fact, a staycation allows you to enjoy a vacation without worrying about selecting a place, making reservations for hotels and flights, or going through a lengthy preparation process.

Staycation gained popularity during the pandemic months when people were confined to their homes with no way to travel. It showed people that they could have a nice time without the usual commotion that goes along with a holiday. If you have a swimming pool in your backyard, you can arrange the best staycation and have a blast with your friends and family. With some simple tips, you can enjoy the perfect poolside staycation.

Put your school and office work aside

Keep your school and office work, worrying bills, or anything else that might keep you from enjoying the staycation to its fullest. Try not to include too many household chores in your daily schedule. Postpone work and other household affairs that are not urgent. Try to keep distractions like mobile phones and laptops away and use technology only when necessary. This will allow you to chill out and destress in the best possible way.

Swim to your heart's content

The main activity on a poolside staycation is swimming. Many people usually find it difficult to swim daily owing to their busy schedules. A poolside staycation offers you the perfect chance to catch up on all the fun of these missed swim sessions. On a staycation, you will be able to swim without any interruptions or distractions. You can also put on calming music that will help you relax during the swimming session. It is also a good way to destress and forget about work pressures. If you feel too much swimming is becoming boring, try out some simple aerobic pool exercises along with swimming.

Enjoy the sun comfortably

Sunbathing is a good staycation activity during the summer season. Lounging on the gold coast swimming pool deck is one way to enjoy the sun, but you can also use floating lounge chairs to sunbathe in the water. If your pool has a tanning ledge, you will be able to enjoy the cold water and warm sunrays while achieving a flawless tan. Of course, practise moderation and use good sunscreen to avoid burning.

Enjoy a staycation spa day

You can take care of yourself during the staycation by organising a spa day. You can enjoy it either with your friends or alone. The first thing to do is to create a spa-like atmosphere near your poolside. The main goal is to create the ideal setting for you to unwind and rejuvenate yourself. Light candles around your pool to create a soothing and beautiful atmosphere. Make the poolside a tranquil oasis and fill it with items that will enable you to unwind.

Have a pool party

A staycation is a good time to entertain your friends and family. Throw exotic- or holiday-themed pool parties where both adults and kids can have fun. You can include games and different fun activities like a treasure hunt or water polo to make the party lively. Or, you can also throw adults-only parties with delicious food, beverages, fancy cocktails, music, and wonderful company.

Hosting a movie night is also a great way to enhance your pool party. Fill your swimming pool with inflatable floaters and arrange some loungers on the pool deck. Make sure there is enough popcorn and drinks to get through the night.

Poolside BBQ party

Swimming pools and barbecues in the backyard are a perfect combination for a staycation. Throwing a poolside BBQ party is another way to have fun with your friends and family.

Have a camping vacation near your swimming pool

Pitch a tent near the swimming pool and enjoy the night under a star-filled sky. Create a realistic setting by adding a torch and blanket along with your favourite books. You can also pack your dinner in a picnic basket for an added effect. Ensure that you also have your insect repellent handy. If you really feel like it, you can enjoy a midnight swim in the pool in the tranquillity of the night.

Plan a romantic date with your partner

If you have a romantic partner, a staycation offers a perfect opportunity to spend quality time with them. Put on some relaxing music, and decorate the pool and poolside with flowers, lights, and candles. Prepare finger foods like sandwiches, strawberries, and chocolate and some wine. You can also slow dance under the stars by the decorated poolside creating the atmosphere of a romantic vacation.

Decorate your poolside

With a bit of decoration, you can transform your poolside into an ethereal and breathtaking oasis. Light up the whole area with some cafe lights or string lights. You can also use candles and flowers, depending on the activity planned for the day.

Enjoy some quiet time at the poolside

A staycation need not necessarily be all parties and activities. You can also enjoy your staycation by appreciating the calmness around you and relishing doing nothing, or nearly nothing. Take a deep breath, have a cold beverage, and relax on the poolside on a chaise lounge or a pool lounger. Install patio umbrellas to enjoy the shade and maybe zip through a good book or a gossip magazine. You can also stretch, relax, and recharge by practising yoga poses by your poolside or in the swimming pool.


You can enjoy the perfect staycation in your own backyard with a swimming pool, lounging on the poolside and sipping on your favourite margaritas. You can not only organise activities for yourselves but also include your family and friends in the fun as well. Just make your pool the centre of all activities and then sit back and relax.

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