Top 5 Australian Influencers Who are also Gamers

Online digital gaming is one of the world’s leading pastimes, hobbies, and sources of income. It is a platform for various games offering transcendental entertainment that can’t be found anywhere else. The most exciting part is that it fosters healthy, visible competition amongst players. What’s more, gamers leave a legacy by showcasing excellent performances, writing reviews, and even giving inspiration to other aspiring gamers.

In Australia, gamers are on a completely different level than in other parts of the world. That is because they are also successful influencers.

Get to know some of them below.


An empowered woman, Pokerist is a video blogger, gamer, and soccer enthusiast. She is known for her excellent gaming performances, which she also shares on her social media platforms, especially on Instagram. Currently, she has almost 300,000 followers, yet her engagement rate remains zero. Also, from her username itself, she mostly plays poker.

Jay Darko

Next on the list, we have Jay Darko. Aside from being a video gamer, he is also a fitness coach. The great thing about this influencer and gamer is that he shares different content that helped him to gain over 223,000 followers. His engagement rate is 2.50%, which is quite excellent.


Another renowned influencer and gamer in Australia is Furi. His Instagram account has 214, 300 followers with a 1.60% engagement rate. He shares live streaming content of digital video games on his different social media platforms, not only to earn but also to teach and help other starting streamers. His accounts remain purposely for gaming and influencing social media users.

Cat Rabbit

Next, we have Cat Rabbit who remains anonymous with their identity in social media. Yet, they share excellent gaming content and tutorials with the public. The account has almost 170,000 followers and an outstanding 2.50% engagement rate. This means that the account’s influence and impact on the public are undoubtedly strong. The video game content and tutorials vary depending on the current trends and public requests.

Kane Vato Muehlenbeck

Another rising Australian influencer and gamer is Kane Vato. With his rich and fun video gaming content, he was able to garner 150,000 followers on Instagram alone with a 1.30% engagement rate. The content he shares on his social media accounts is a crowd-favourite. Well, that’s because each of them is done with fun, excitement, and professionalism. Aside from gaming, his accounts are also about fashion, style, travel, and lifestyle blogging.

All these Australian influencers and gamers play an important role in enriching the country’s gaming platform. Their content varies, yet they all share the same goal—to inspire youngsters to invest their money and enjoy video gaming. Their accounts are accessible via online casino Australia as they are also avid casino gamers.


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Top 5 Australian Influencers Who are also Gamers

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