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Ways to Identify Materials In Your Home That Contain Asbestos

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The presence of asbestos in some of the materials used in your home can possibly escalate into a major health concern in the future. The materials can trigger asbestos contamination inside the house when disturbed and not properly removed. Due to this, many homeowners are now looking for ways to detect the presence of asbestos in their homes.

Over the years, the number of available methods used to detect asbestos has increased. The good thing is that airsafe asbestos removal services can now be conveniently availed by asking assistance from some of the reliable companies engaged in asbestos removal.

So, if your gut feeling strongly suggests that some of the materials used in your home contain asbestos, get insights on the following methods.

  1. Handheld Spectroscopy

Handheld spectroscopy is a device used to detect the presence of asbestos on various surfaces. The device made the detection faster and more convenient, and the test does not involve the collection of samples and laboratory assessment.

Instead, the operator carries the device into the site and conducts the test. Spectroscopy can detect and identify the elements that make up a particular material. Then you will immediately know if the components of your house have asbestos or not.

  1. Magnetic Field

The magnetic field is a technologically advanced method used for asbestos detection. It uses a device with lasers and magnets to identify the presence of asbestos fibres in some of the materials used for building construction. It has a state-of-the-art sensor in detecting low asbestos concentrations in the air.

The magnetic field method is viewed as the most preferred and accurate way to detect the presence of asbestos-containing materials in the house.

  1. At-home Test Kit

At-home test kits are a faster and more economical option in asbestos detection. As the name suggests, this involves DIY test kits that homeowners can use to determine the presence of asbestos in the materials used to build their houses.

This kit requires the homeowners to collect samples from various parts of their homes where asbestos is most likely found. The collected samples are then processed according to the instruction provided on the package to come up with the needed result.

Unfortunately, the use of at-home kits is strongly discouraged by asbestos experts. A test could place the homeowners and their families in danger due to exposure.

  1. Traditional Microscopy

Traditional microscopy is regarded as the most popular method used to detect asbestos in your home. This involves the collection of suspected asbestos fibres from your home. The sample is then sent to the laboratory to examine through a microscope.

Every fibre is examined to determine if this is asbestos or other material during the examination. Compared to handheld spectroscopy, this method is more challenging. Only professionals should do the sample collection to avoid exposure to hazardous material.

Traditional microscopy remains the popular option for asbestos detection among household owners. So, to get the best out of their chosen method, it is best to look for a reliable service provider.

Things to Consider When Looking for Asbestos Inspectors

Looking for a reliable asbestos removal in Sydney that will help you determine if the materials used in your home have asbestos is a very serious task.

The failure to find and hire a contractor capable of providing accurate results could leave your entire household in danger of incurring asbestos-triggered ailments.

We recommend the following when searching for asbestos inspectors.

1. Client/Customer Rating

When planning to hire an asbestos inspector that will handle the inspection of your house, do an online search and look for service providers with higher client or customer ratings. This will help you narrow down the possible options and will allow you to focus your attention on assessing the contractors who successfully did their jobs better than the rest. Feedback from previous customers will help you make a sound decision in hiring.

2. Work Portfolio

Aside from customer ratings, work portfolios help in a big way to assess your future asbestos removal contractor. If the one you are eyeing has extensive work experience and has conducted a number of projects in asbestos detection, you are in the direction of finding the right one.

3. Certifications

Licences and certifications are some of the good credentials to assess a potential asbestos inspector. Industry-recognised individuals and companies employing such people have higher chances of nailing projects, and because you are confident they can handle the job very well. Beware of scammers and posers that serve as fly-by-nights.

4. Service Fee

The service fee that a service provider charges in exchange for their services is also an excellent way to assess if they are reliable or not. Always remember that a reliable contractor employs a team of well-trained and well-equipped personnel. Due to this, they will most likely ask for a rate that will compensate for the quality of service they can provide.


Save your household from the harmful effects of asbestos. Keep in the know-how this dreadful fibre affects your health and the environment.

These methods that are used to detect the presence of asbestos in your home are proven useful. This will provide you with more options if the need for asbestos testing arises.


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Ways to Identify Materials In Your Home That Contain Asbestos

The presence of asbestos in some of the materials used in your home can possibly escalate into a major health concern in the future. The materials c...