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Sydney Lemons For Sale from just $1 Million


In Sydney's bustling real estate market, fixer-uppers in sought-after suburbs like Chatswood, Eastwood, Parramatta, and West Ryde are catching the eyes of ambitious homeowners and investors.

Starting from just $1 million, these properties promise to transform a lemon into a dream home, a prospect that can ignite a spark of excitement and potential. However, the initial purchase price is just the beginning of what can become an expensive venture, as these areas are known for their older properties and unique challenges.


Parramatta has a rich history, significant development, and a diverse range of properties. The area's older terraces and cottages have seen recent sales fetching prices as low as the $1 million mark for a renovation project. However, due to the area's age and dense urban environment, these properties may hide issues like cracked pipes or smelly drains. Flooding is another concern, particularly for properties close to the river, making stormwater management a critical aspect of any renovation.

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Eastwood is abundant with character-filled but often time-worn houses. Purchasing here means potentially dealing with former rental properties that have endured years of neglect. While recent sales have been as low as $1.6 million, plumbing systems in these homes might be outdated. This can lead to surprises such as sewer pipe leaks or malfunctioning outdoor plumbing installations.

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Chatswood is known for its mix of period homes and newer developments; securing a fixer-upper will set you back at least $1.75 million. But beware, the charm of these older homes often comes with hidden plumbing nightmares. The renovation cost can quickly escalate from blocked drains to aging pipework. Due to their locations and established gardens, these homes may also be more susceptible to issues like tree roots in pipes or stormwater drainage problems.

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West Ryde

West Ryde offers potential for those looking to enter the market at a slightly lower price point, with recent sales starting at $1.5 million. However, the suburb's mix of post-war homes and newer apartments means renovators need to be wary of issues ranging from simple leaky taps to more complex challenges like bathroom and kitchen drainage problems. The area's evolving infrastructure also means that keeping up with local regulations and standards for renovations is crucial.

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Before Taking the Plunge

Renovating a fixer-upper in any of these Sydney suburbs can reveal a range of issues, from foundational flaws to roof leaks and, notably, extensive plumbing problems. This highlights the importance of not just falling in love with a property's potential, but understanding the complexities and costs of turning a "lemon" into a liveable space. 

Before you take the plunge, start with a plunger - thorough inspections and consultations with experienced plumbers can prevent your dream from turning sour. Engaging with local experts, especially those familiar with the challenges of these Sydney suburbs, can offer valuable insights.

Structural engineers, architects, and heritage consultants can also advise on preserving the character of a home while ensuring it meets modern standards. Understanding local council regulations and potential heritage listings is essential to avoid expensive mistakes or delays.

Finally, make sure you budget effectively. You want to be able to cover the purchase and initial renovation costs, but you also need to factor in unforeseen expenses. A contingency fund of at least 20% is recommended for any unexpected issues arising during the renovation process. 

Prices as low as $1 million can be tempting, but the transformation of lemon into lemonade can be filled with challenges, so you must be prepared. Happy house hunting!


Sydney Lemons For Sale from just $1 Million

JROBBO, CC BY-SA 3.0 In Sydney's bustling real estate market, fixer-uppers in sought-after suburbs like Chatswood, Eastwood, Parramatta, and West Ry...

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