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Plan the Best Vacation to Bali by Paying Attention to This Information Below

Bali is a popular destination for Australians. This island is considered a paradise due to its many tourist attractions, including natural, cultural, historical, and culinary experiences. For those interested in vacationing in Bali, obtaining a visa for Bali from Australia is relatively straightforward as long as you meet the requirements.

Tourist Attraction You Must Visit in Bali

Where should you go while in Bali? Below are some tourist attractions worth visiting in Bali:

1. Sanur Beach

Sanur Beach is the ideal choice if you are searching for a romantic destination. Situated east of Denpasar City, this beach showcases breathtaking sea views and soft white sand.

Besides its renowned sunset vistas, visitors can engage in various activities such as swimming, snorkelling, and diving. Sanur Beach features an extensive coastline and offers numerous cafes and restaurants where you can unwind and enjoy the ambience.

2. Monkey Forest Ubud

This forest is not your typical forest. It is home to a troop of monkeys that have been released. While you can meet and interact with these monkeys, it's essential to exercise caution as they can be mischievous and may try to snatch your belongings.

3. Angels Billabong

A billabong is a dead-end river mouth that forms when the direction of a river changes, resulting in an isolated inlet filled with water. The term "billabong" is believed to come from the Aboriginal language, as this natural phenomenon is commonly found in Australia. Angel's Billabong in Bali is a hidden gem worth adding to your wishlist.

Best Hotel Recommendation in Bali

Bali has hundreds of hotels you can choose from, ranging from the most affordable to the most luxurious one. Below are some best hotel recommendations to select from while in Bali:

1. The Anvaya Beach Resort Bali

Address: Jalan Kartika Plaza, Kuta, Badung, Bali, Indonesia, 80361

Price: Starts from AU$ 231.61 (Deluxe Room – 1 King Bed)

This 5-star hotel is an excellent beachfront property. Its location is strategically advantageous, as it is situated in the bustling heart of Bali and is conveniently close to the airport. Rest assured, you won't have to worry about airplane noise, as planes do not fly over the hotel.

The Anvaya Beach Resort Bali offers a delightful atmosphere, and its swimming pool facilities, along with the breakfast, are top-notch. As an additional tip, consider selecting a room with pool access, as it comes highly recommended and offers great value for money!

2. Sense Sunset Seminyak

Address: Jalan Sunset Road No.88 Seminyak, Seminyak, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia, 80361

Price: Starts from AU$ 37.20 (Superior Room Only - 1 Double Bed)

There are numerous beaches and beach clubs in the Seminyak area that are fun and worth visiting. We highly recommend this 4-star hotel if you prefer to stay near these attractions. It offers complete facilities and spacious rooms, allowing you to move freely. The rooms are clean, comfortable, and beautifully designed. Sense Sunset Seminyak's strategic location and professional staff make it an excellent choice.

3. Quest San Hotel Denpasar by ASTON

Address: Jalan Mahendradata No.93, Denpasar Barat, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia, 80117

Price: Starts from AU$ 32.51 (Superior Room Only - 1 Double Bed or two single bed)

In Bali, you can still find a comfortable hotel even with a limited budget. One such option is Quest San Hotel Denpasar by ASTON, which may be a 3-star hotel but offers complete facilities, including a swimming pool. The rooms are comfortable, and the location is quite strategic.

Travel Tips to Bali

What to prepare before coming to Bali? These are some travel tips to Bali:

1. Best Time to Visit Bali

Choosing the right vacation time significantly impacts the success of your trip. For Bali, the ideal time to visit and save money on hotel rooms is from March to May and September to October. The hotel offers attractive discounts for travelers in March, April, September, and October. During these months, rainfall is low, and the weather is comfortable for outdoor activities.

2. Bring Your Cash

Cash is important. Even if your credit card is accepted for all your accommodation expenses, it's still a good idea to have some money as a backup. This option will make your vacation more convenient and comfortable.

3. Rent a Vehicle and Tour Guide

For those who want to vacation comfortably and save time, renting a vehicle is the right choice. It allows you to travel anywhere more freely. Additionally, the assistance of a tour guide will help you discover more hidden gems in Bali.

Since a Bali Visa for Australian is not difficult to obtain, are you ready to go on vacation? Always use Traveloka for all your accommodation needs, including tourist attraction tickets, hotels, and transportation.


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Plan the Best Vacation to Bali by Paying Attention to This Information Below

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