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The Professional Guide To Commercial Tree Services

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Trees are truly a great addition to any commercial property, but they can pose risk if issues are not addressed ahead of time.

There are numerous reasons why trees need to be removed, such as landscape change, storm damage or pest infestation.

Although the trees in your commercial property serve numerous uses to your space, removing them is required if they are already a threat to you and everyone around. This is where you will need a professional tree cutting service.

How can you be sure if you are hiring a trusted tree service company when there are many sources available in Sydney? Worry not as we can help you with that.

Check this professional guide that will assist you on choosing the most suitable commercial tree removal service.


  1. Professionalism


First things first, start by reviewing the website when looking for a tree service company. This serves as an indicator of how professional they are.


Does their website contain photos, contact details and testimonials? Do they state clearly the type of service they carry out? Providing details of what equipment they will use is also a good sign of professionalism.


A reputable commercial tree service business will employ modern technology to maximise the job, enhance efficiency and safety.



  1. Insured and Fully Qualified


When you look for a commercial tree removal service company to hire, make sure they are fully insured. Professionals often guarantee their work, meaning they are responsible for any possible damage that may occur; otherwise you will be the one who’s liable.

Insured companies practise the following:


  • On time and reliable

  • Guaranteed work and full insurance

  • Boundary clearance and safety for power line

  • 100% guaranteed safety

  • Safe work handling and practices, complying to Australian work health and safety standards


Arborists need to assess the job first to ensure you will be given a precise quote. It’s a good sign if they are punctual. If you’re concerned, you can always speak to these professionals to get a sense of their authenticity.


  1. Extensive Experience


It’s with no doubt how tree removal can be quite a technical job. An experienced tree cutting service company can assess in an instant how the tree and branches will drop and in what trajectory. Experienced tree cutters are also familiar with restrictions from the local council in terms of work being performed.


You’ll be the one getting the fine in case the council finds out that the task is done incorrectly. So, make sure to only hire professional tree cutters in Australia with level 2 Arborist Certificate or higher and who receive regular training.


  1. What the Law Implies


If you’re wondering if you need permission from a council to remove or prune a certain tree, keep in mind that every local council is different. In addition, every council has what you called a Tree Preservation Order (TPO). It describes and highlights rules regarding tree removal and maintenance in your district.


Through the TPO, you’ll know if you need approval from the council or not.


  1. Valid Reasons to Cut or Remove a Tree


Trees are nature’s gifts. But if trees pose dangers on health and safety, it is best to look at the bigger picture before deciding to retain them.


Here are valid reasons a tree needs to be cut or removed.


  • Trees are Dead


Generally, dead trees should be removed without approval from the council. If the tree has not totally decayed, it’s best to seek help from professional tree cutters to have it pruned first. They also know if there are ways to restore the tree’s wellbeing.


  • When It Can Be Dangerous or Risky


If trees are at risk of falling deadwood and branches or have split trunks, they are considered dangerous, especially if they are in areas where kids or people often pass. Leaning trees are also a threat to passersby, particularly if the degree is getting worse or the leaning happened just recently.


  • For Fire Prevention


It’s ideal to remove trees within the permitted distance to your establishment to prevent possible fires. There are some councils who have programs for vegetation clearing intended for commercial and residential residents. This is to help in removing dry or dead trees at a certain margin of your property.


  • Severely Damaged Trees


For the sake of safety, it’s sometimes essential to remove a severely damaged tree either via natural (pests, stormy weather or lighting) or physical means. If the damage is on stems or major branches/limbs, this possesses a major threat. Make sure to contact a professional tree cutting service to assess if it needs to be removed or it can still be saved.


  • Possibility of Structural Damage


For most councils, they have an exemption that lets you pull out a tree within 3 metres of your commercial or residential foundations. Since larger trees’ root systems tend to travel further, this measurement can be extended. This is also measured from the tree trunk to the property wall.


  • Trees Are Infested with Bugs or Are Sick

If a tree is bug infested or is sick, you may be advised to seek help from a tree arborist. Trees in such a state can be dangerous because it can spread diseases. Make sure to ask a tree cutting professional for assessment before removing these trees.


How Much Is the Cost for a Tree Removal?


It’s no easy feat to cut trees, that for sure is true. The total cost depends if either you hire a professional or do it yourself. Given it is such a risky task, it’s best to hire tree cutting professionals as they can guarantee safety of nearby structures and people.

You may be quoted anywhere around $250 (AUD) to $1000+ (AUD) depending on the location and size of the tree. Also, the average cost is around $450–800 (AUD) although there are other factors to consider as well that can impact this.

So, make sure to ask for a quote before taking any action.



Commercial spaces need commercial tree experts. Keep in mind when hiring a tree cutting service, make sure to look for experienced professionals. Inexperience may put the entire task at risk and may potentially harm people.



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