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Bruno Catalano with “Benoit” wins people's choice at Sculpture by the Sea

Sculpture by the Sea is delighted to reveal that Bruno Catalano is the recipient of the EY People’s Choice Prize for his sculpture “Benoit”, which has captivated the crowds at Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe over the last two and a half weeks. Catalano has been awarded the EY People’s Choice Prize of $5,000 after visitors to Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe voted “Benoit” as their favourite of the 71 sculptures on display along Perth’s most iconic beach.

“Benoit” is part of a series of sculptures called Travellers or Les Voyageurs, which are exhibited in collections around the world, including Paris, New York and Venice. Bruno Catalano is a renowned sculptor, well known for sculptures of figures with substantial parts missing. He is represented by the Ravagnan Art Gallery, Venice, Italy.

Catalano said on receiving the EY People’s Choice Award, “I am very honoured to have won the EY People’s Choice Prize during this marvellous exhibition in Perth. I am very pleased that the Australian public have been touched by my art.”

The EY People’s Choice Prize is voted by visitors of the exhibition. EY’s Managing Partner Western Region Fiona Drummond said “I’d like to congratulate Bruno Catalano on winning the EY People’s Choice Award for 2023. His superb piece, ‘Benoit’, is innovative, interactive and introspective, and has obviously resonated with the people of Perth and visitors from across Western Australia.”

“The importance of arts in our culture and community has been obvious this year, with tens of thousands of people visiting and supporting these local and international artists right here in our backyard at Cottesloe Beach.  EY is proud to be a sponsor of nine years of this iconic event since 2014.”

WA Artist Deanne Neilson was selected by younger visitors as the recipient of the Kids’ Choice Prize. Deanne’s sculpture “Do You Realize?? “is made of 50,000 recycled bottle lids, stands six meteres tall and is inspired by Japanese artist Hokusai. The Kids’ Choice Prize of $2,000 is funded by a donation from Emrys, Jasper and Rebel Penfold-Russell OAM.

Upon receiving the award, Deanne Neilson said, “I am absolutely thrilled and honored to accept this Kids' Choice Award for the 2023 Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe exhibition and my sincere thanks to the sponsor of this Award; Rebel Penfold-Russell, Emrys and Jasper. It means the world to me that the younger generation has enjoyed and appreciated my artwork. I believe that art has the power to bring people together, inspire, and ultimately change the world. I want to thank all of the kids who voted for me and saw something special in my work. Your support and encouragement mean a lot to me.

“I also want to thank the organisers of this amazing exhibition for providing a platform for artists of all ages, experience, and nationalities to showcase their talents. It has been a real privilege to be a part of this year's exhibition, and I have enjoyed every minute of it. I would like to take a moment to dedicate this Kids' Choice Award to my Mum. Although she is not here to share this moment, she has been with me every step of the way. Thank you, Mum, for your love, your guidance, and your unwavering belief in me”.

David Handley, the Founding CEO and Artistic Director of Sculpture by the Sea, said, “Bruno Catalano and Deanne Neilson’s very different sculptures have delighted visitors at this year’s exhibition. Both artworks were runner-up for the popular vote award they didn’t receive. Thank you to Bruno, Deanne and all the artists for being part of this year’s exhibition. It’s great to be back in full swing after Covid.”

On the opening day of this year’s exhibition, James Rogers from Walcha in NSW was announced as the recipient of the $60,000 Sculpture by the Sea Acquisitive Award sponsored by Hancock Prospecting and Roy Hill for his sculpture ‘Sandbar’.

After three years of being impacted by Covid, the white sands of Cottesloe Beach have seen crowds soaking in the wonderful atmosphere from dawn until after sunset each day, with visitor numbers at the much loved exhibition returning to their pre-Covid levels.

On the 2023 exhibition, Handley added: “It’s really exciting to see the crowds back at Cottesloe this year. I’d like to thank Mrs Rinehart for Hancock Prospecting and Roy Hill coming on board as Principal Sponsors of the exhibition. This follows Mrs Rinehart and her company’s previous support as Principal Sponsor, again giving us much needed financial support when we have needed it most to make the free to the public exhibition possible.”

Now in its 19th year, Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe ends today, Monday 20 March. For more information about Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe please visit:


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Bruno Catalano with “Benoit” wins people's choice at Sculpture by the Sea

Sculpture by the Sea is delighted to reveal that Bruno Catalano is the recipient of the EY People’s Choice Prize for his sculpture “Benoit”...

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