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North West Perth Under Siege from Graffiti "Artists" as Youth Crime Rises

Youth crime might be on the rise, but that doesn't mean you have to be a sitting duck. Whether it's an act of boredom or rebellion, teenagers are tagging Perth's buildings and business owners are starting to feel helpless. But while graffiti artists look for prime space, property owners can take steps to reduce the risk of becoming a target.

As a community, we should focus on creating alternative hangouts for teens to keep them entertained and off the streets. But as a property owner, you have to take steps separately to protect your investment and limit the potential for property damage.


Where to Start


First thing’s first, carry out an inspection of your property. Look for easy access points and dimly lit areas - these are going to be the hot spots graffiti artists target first. The easier it is to get onto your property, the more likely you are to be targeted. Limit access, light your space, and enhance surveillance. Creating walls and walls of hedges might seem like a great idea, but you want a sightline in and out of the property because if it's too enclosed, it will feel like a safer space for a graffitist to work.

While all of these are helpful tips, anti-graffiti paint coating is your best bet to avoid becoming Banksy's next canvas.

Sacrificial anti-graffiti coatings require reapplication after you remove graffiti. They are a more affordable option, but it means that if you are a frequent target, you will have to repeat the job.

Non-sacrificial anti-graffiti coatings, when applied correctly, can withstand many graffiti removals.


Don’t DIY


You don't need to handle the job yourself; you can enlist the services of reputable specialist painters in Perth. When you do fall prey to these "artists," a quick clean-up is one of the best ways to prevent repeat offences. The target becomes less attractive when the "art" doesn't remain in situ for long.

If the targeted area cannot be painted, you can plant vegetation to block access to the hottest spots. Just be sure your chosen vegetation doesn't double as a sturdy ladder to provide access. That means you may need to be thorny, and you shouldn't use lattice supports. Brushwood and bamboo are excellent choices.

Whatever route you decide to take, you should call in professionals to handle the hard work for you. Not only do they have the expertise required to tackle the project, they have experience in helping prevent graffiti as well.



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North West Perth Under Siege from Graffiti "Artists" as Youth Crime Rises

Youth crime might be on the rise, but that doesn't mean you have to be a sitting duck. Whether it's an act of boredom or rebellion, teenagers are ta...

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