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Why Concrete Scanning Is Required Before Digging

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Concrete scanning is a vital part of the building process. You may not think much of it but without using it, crucial underground structures like stormwater drains, pipes or even underground power cables may be hit by construction vehicles or power tools, resulting in bodily harm or even death.

Here is why concrete scanning is required for safe and productive work 

If you aren’t sure what concrete scanning is or what it does, read on. Concrete scanning does a range of things. It locates the position of underground power cables that are surrounded by concrete, which would be otherwise impossible to identify with the naked eye. It can locate where rebars are positioned, as well as locate structural components, pipework and much more. While it’s vital to know where objects and structures are underground, it can be equally as important to know what’s not. Say you’re digging underground and you think you’re good to go. You may find that some structures underground are shifting, making it unsafe for your workers and the heavy machinery involved. Knowing the depth of where you’re about to dig is crucial, as it can be the difference between a life threatening injury or not.

Here is a list of what concrete scanning can pick up on:

- Power cable and electricity cable location

- Identifying structural assets such as post-tension cables and rebars as well as their location

- Pipework positioning

- establishing the depth of rebars and cover centres

- Identifying voids within concrete slabs, ceilings, walls and subgrade, if any are to be found.

And much more.

Still on the fence about using concrete scanning Brisbane for your business or company or maybe you don’t know why it’s necessary?

Any company or business that is undertaking a huge project such as laying foundations or starting a high rise project, especially in Brisbane, should consider using concrete scanning. With so many civilians around and power cables being weaved throughout the city, getting the job right the first time is important. Any disruption or damage to an area may take out the lighting or electricity for the whole city.

Civilian and infrastructure aside, the builders are also at risk for injury. Using concrete scanning makes it safer for them to work and decreases life threatening chances.

Consequences of not using concrete scanning:

- Weakened infrastructure

- Structural faults

- Bodily injury or death for civilians post-job, due to the above

- Bodily injury or death for workers, due to the above

- Damaged underground structures (i.e. burst water pipe, power cable hit)

Pros of using concrete scanning:

- Structurally sound and reinforced building

- Chances of harm to civilians or workers is a lot lower than if concrete scanning had not been used

- Building will last for years to come

We hope this article has helped you understand the importance of using concrete scanning to benefit you and your business as well as ensuring the safety of others. If you are in need of this service, South-East Scanning’s team of friendly and experienced locators are equipped with knowledge, experience, and industry-standard locating equipment to provide your business with utility detection works carried out in accordance with Australian Standard 5488-2013, “Classification of Subsurface Utility Information”.


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