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Top Features Every Best City E-Bike Should Have!


E-bike comes with several features including a cadence motor sensor, torque sensor, and battery efficiency. These features make it easier for the user to ride the e-bike on different routes including steeps and rough patches.

How Cadence Sensor Motor Works?

The Cadence Sensor Motor automatically understands the rhythm of the person pedaling and within a few seconds, it will start assisting you to make the pedaling process easier and smoother. This sensor is best for daily commutes to your office or leisurely rides to enjoy a scenic route.

This motor works well when you are going uphill as it makes the pedaling easy but don't forget the control is still in your hands (or in your legs, in this case). You can control the motor with the help of knots and adjust the assistance level.

However, there are some drawbacks to this sensor as it might not give you a sense of complete power over pedaling. You might find this constant help a little annoying if you are going on uncertain routes with steep inclines.

How Torque Sensor Motor Work?

The torque sensor motor allows the e-bike to react to your pedaling force and adapts to sync with your energy. The best part is you get a natural e-biking experience compared to the cadence sensor. It will make you feel like riding with a friend who has a similar love for adventure, especially on demanding routes.

However, one of the drawbacks of this sensor might be felt by laid-back riders as it demands much more effort from the rider's end. This might not be something impressive for riders who want to experience some leisure routes.

Understanding e-bike battery

Before we delve into how to use a battery efficiently, let’s learn some basics of an e-bike battery. The battery size or range can be determined by the distance the vehicle can cover within a single charge.

E-bikes come with lithium-ion batteries, used on your other daily gadgets like smartphones, which are light in weight, small in size, and reliable, unlike car batteries which are often heavy and bigger.

These batteries are environment-friendly and non-toxic. Furthermore, you can take more than 1,000 rides with these batteries if used with care. E-bikes come with a battery size of 200-500 watts, which produces 20 to 50 voltage. 

How To Ensure Battery Efficiency?

Just like we charge our mobile phones, these e-bikes are also supposed to be charged in the same way with a charger and wall socket. 

Batteries of an e-bike come with a built-in management system that helps to analyze the energy level it receives to stop it from getting overcharged. However, to ensure that batteries work efficiently, one should not keep the e-bike plugged into a wall socket for a very long time than required. 

On the other hand, it is also vital to understand that over-draining of the battery is not good for battery efficiency. Extreme discharge of the e-bike battery (which is hitting zero percent) can also reduce the battery's capacity in the long run and take longer to recharge.

One of the best parts about charging e-bikes is that you get an option to remove the battery completely or you can even public the socket to the e-bike directly. This is useful when the charging socket is away from where you park your e-bike.

Extend Battery Life 

Make sure that you are doing regular inspections of your e-bike battery. As it is recommended to clean the dirt stuck in your chain after a ride which will increase the rideability of an e-bike, it is also suggested to keep your battery dry and clean, which will prevent oxidation and corrosion.

When batteries are not charged properly or sometimes they are damaged while riding, it is highly recommended to keep checking if there is physical damage on the battery. This will allow you to fix it immediately rather than breaking down in the middle of nowhere.

Best City e-Bike

Want the best city e-bike to ride in the market? Check out the GRUNDIG GCB-1 as it comes with a long-lasting battery that allows you to ride more than 120 kilometers with a single charge. The maximum speed this e-bike gives you is 25 km per hour. 

Safety comes first when it comes to such premium quality e-bikes, hence, the e-bike consists of hydraulic disc brakes. Furthermore, you will also get safety LED lights to make sure that you can easily ride during night time. 

Also, it comes with a precise shifting system of Shimano nine-speed. The e-bike has been integrated with a torque sensor. These bikes might look a little overwhelming at first but once you learn about all the top features, you will never look back at your regular bike for a ride.


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Top Features Every Best City E-Bike Should Have!

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