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The top 6 things to do in Melbourne

There is something for everyone in Melbourne, whether you're on a luxury vacation or a backpacking trip worldwide. It is impossible to get bored in this city! Melbourne is also just a short distance from the county's natural beauty and wildlife. Being the cultural capital, Melbourne is full of attractions, museums, restaurants, nightlife, and lots of outdoor activities.

Throughout the state's coastline, whale-watching opportunities abound. As a visitor to the town, there are many adrenaline-pumping activities for all ages to choose from. Here is a list of things to do while on vacation in Melbourne city.

  • Visit the royal botanic gardens in Kew

The royal botanic gardens are a peaceful respite from the bustle of the city. It covers 94 acres and has nearly 50,000 plants, both native and non-native. Enjoy the fresh air by taking a stroll down the Tan, a popular walking path in the area. Evening activities such as heritage walks, wellness experiences, and movie screenings are regularly held in the gardens. Royal Botanic Garden is located on the YarraRiver's south bank.

  • Take a hot air balloon ride over the city skyline

Melbourne is one of the few major cities that offer the opportunities to fly in a hot air balloon. You can get a bird's eye view of the Royal Botanic Garden and the Yarra River from the air on a sunrise tour. Melbourne is one of the world's most fascinating cities, and ballooning is a great way to see it all from a new perspective.

  • Climb the Eureka Sky-deck

If you want to get a bird's-eye view of the city from above, the Eureka Tower observation deck is the best place to do so. It is the highest in the southern hemisphere and is nearly a thousand feet above the bustling of Melbourne. It also offers a breathtaking 360-degree view of the city and the Fitzroy Gardens urban oasis. It'll be an incredible experience to try it out if you're a daredevil or a thrill-seeker.

  • Play casino games

Melbourne boasts a plethora of casinos that compete fiercely with one another as well as with casinos from around the world. In Melbourne, there are a variety of casinos to choose from, with more than 50 live poker tables. If you visit Melbourne, you must visit at least one of these casinos to have an amazing experience, not only to play but also to enjoy the experience. There are also a list of top online casinos to try your luck in.

In Melbourne, the following locations are the finest for casinos and gambling: Flemington Racecourse, Crown Casino, and Moonee Valley Racecourse are all located in Melbourne, Australia.

  • Visit a chinatown BYOB restaurant

If you're on a tight budget while visiting Melbourne, consider dining at a BYOB restaurant in Chinatown. Here you are spoilt for choice. It deals for large groups because shanghai village dumpling serves 15 dumplings for 7 dollars. At juicy Bao, you can enjoy a more intimate dining experience with an extensive menu of pork belly, squid in the shell, and bao buns.

  • Attend an AFL match

AFL (Australian Football League) was formerly known as VFL (Victorian Football League). The rules of the Australian game founded in 1859, football has been named Australia’s most popular sport ever since. Rugby-style oval balls and modified cricket pitches are used to play the fast-paced game, similar to Gaelic football for the uninitiated. In Australia’s first city, the Australian football league still has its headquarters.


In addition to the list of things to do while in Melbourne, do not forget to visit the casino for a night of fun. Casinos aren't just about the games; they are also about dining, nightlife, and live entertainment that can be found there. It is a great place to enjoy a nightcap while observing the passing crowd. Melbourne's crown casino is a must-see attraction.


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