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Top 5 Simple and Easy Baked Goods to Sell at Your Bakery

Do you want to add a few more baked goods to your bakery menu, but are not sure which ones are the best to sell? Keep reading to discover our top five recommendations for baked goods to sell at your bakery!

Cinnamon Scrolls

Cinnamon scrolls are a classic snack to include on your bakery’s menu, especially as they are fairly simple to bake. The ingredients for the dough are pretty standard - flour, sugar, yeast, salt, water, milk, butter and egg - and you simply need to mix them up and knead the dough.

Shaping your cinnamon scrolls is also relatively simple, and you can adjust the sizing to however small or large you prefer. You can also customise your toppings so that you have more or less cinnamon powder, and sugar glazing on top. 

Cinnamon scrolls are best served with hot drinks such as tea and coffee, and are most popular among older folks.

Fairy Bread

If your target demographic involves family and kids, having a few servings of dairy bread ready to sell as a snack isn’t a bad idea. Incredibly simple to make yet popular among young kids, fairy bread is a kind of low investment, high return menu item.

You can make fairy bread by simply using your own slices of bread, spreading a thin layer of butter on it, and sprinkling it with hundreds and thousands. Making for a pretty visual too, you can’t go wrong with fairy bread!

Hot Dogs

Hot dogs are another simple menu item you can add to your bakery. If you are already investing into making buns at your bakery, make sure you make custom hot dog buns as well for your hot dogs. This way, your customers can get a unique sample of your bread in other, more commonly bought items.

Hot dogs are particularly popular among patrons coming in for lunch - hence if your bakery is located around a working district, making hot dogs is a great idea.

Hot Cross Buns

Hot cross buns are an Australian favourite in the bakery, due to its rich history and traditions as well as appealing, natural taste. Made as a simple bun with raisins, hot cross buns are usually bought in packs and served as a snack or for breakfast.

Not only can you sell the classic hot cross bun at your bakery, you can also customise the old recipe with your own modern interpretations. For example, you can use other dried fruits, top the bun with some glazing, flavour the bun with coffee or something else completely out of the box entirely!

White Vienna

Everyone loves a good white bread loaf so how about a vienna? A bit more stylish in shape than regular bread loaves, white viennas are sure to be popular among all demographics from younger folk to parents making breakfast for their children.

White vienna is the easy choice, however you can also make bread with different flours for more diversity, such as multigrain, wholemeal and sourdough.

Make sure to consider the five baked goods mentioned above if you’re looking to add a few more baked good items to your bakery menu! For more advice, speak with a bakery supplier.


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Top 5 Simple and Easy Baked Goods to Sell at Your Bakery

Do you want to add a few more baked goods to your bakery menu, but are not sure which ones are the best to sell? Keep reading to discover our top ...