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The biggest emerging technologies of the past 10 years

People change and so is time. For the past 10 years, there are a lot of technological advancements that big companies created. It can be found in different fields like home appliances, workplaces, and devices.

5G Internet Speed

As the world enters its online/virtual era, the world wide web becomes more accessible to everyone. So internet companies create new ways to make their customers’ internet experience fast. You may be asking, we already have 4G, why make it 5? Well, the difference between the two is drastic. In the latter, the latency is almost zero and more users can connect without problems.


Gone are the days where you access your mobile phone with a Personal Identification Number (PIN) because of biometrics. You can now unlock your devices using your fingerprint or face. In addition, you don’t need to type your passwords or remember them just to get access. You will be safe from hackers because of this new security feature.

Virtual Reality

Another huge technology that emerged for the past 10 years is Virtual Reality. From games to socialization to working setups, big companies like Google and Facebook already started venturing into this kind of technology. You can meet each other virtually but the difference from the regular online meetings is that you can see everyone sitting in a room with you.


As time passes by, almost everything that we use now is created through robotics. From hiding alarm clocks to cleaning robots, the world is becoming a more convenient place to live in. In the future, companies plan to create delivery robots that will bring our ordered goods online to our homes.

Artificial Intelligence

This kind of technology is seen almost everywhere: chatbots, self-driving cars, logistics, personalized textbooks and tutors, and more. Artificial Intelligence is a machine that thinks like a person and will talk to you (in whatever form) to accommodate your needs. The popularity of AI will continuously rise because of the narrower scope that the inventors create.

Online Games/Activities

Games and recreational activities also improved as the years go by. Nowadays, playing online is the way to go because of the convenience that it offers to the table. You don’t need to go outside just to amuse yourself.

A popular activity mostly held in a specific place is gambling. However, gambling in casinos emerged and created a way to let people play from the comforts of their homes. In Australia, online casinos attracted a lot of gamblers to try out. There are legitimate websites that you can check out

We need to fully utilize these technologies to have a more convenient way of living and we should get excited for more in the succeeding years.


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